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How to go for Vaishno Devi Darshan from Katra

How to go for Vaishno Devi Darshan from Katra

On arrival of Katra Railway Station or Bus Stand first search some hotel in Katra as your budget allowed. After that take refreshment in hotel and then go for the Yatra Slip Registration. On that counter you have to give your Id Proof and take registration number. After that you have to go Banganga to start tracking of the Vaishno Devi Darshan.

On Banganga your luggage will be scan and id will be checked and after that you will enter for the Darshan with Jai kara of “Jai Mata Di”. On that point if you want to book Horses, Pithu then you can book for your convenient travel else you can go by trekking.

Real enjoyment of Mata Vaishno Devi Darshan is by trekking. If you decided to go by trekking then start you trekking slowly. Don’t try to go fast. Till 6Kms of trekking is very hard because you have to go on the hilly roads. So go slowly and slowly. If you feel tried then a lot of sitting places are there. Wait and take relax there and take water or Juices anything you may like. There are a lot of shops on the trekking route from where you can buy food or drink items.

After a 6 kms of trekking one place came know as ” Ardhkuwari” At that place if you want to take a darshan there then go for the first queue registration. After that they will allotted you queue number. Generally your queue number comes after 8-9hrs of time so it’s better that after take a queue number move ahead for the vaishno devi darshan.

From this point there are two ways for the Vaishno Devi Darshan. One is the new way which will starts from 2016 and other is old traditional way. New Way is very smooth and with good facility. On this way is very easy to track. By this new way you will take a time of max 2-3hrs in reaching Mata vaishno Devi temple.

On arrival of Mata temple go for the refreshment first and after that go in the queue for the Darhan. Now how much time will be taken its completely depends upon the length of the ques.

After taking darshan now it’s time to go ” Bhairav Nath “. Now from 25th Dec 2018 Ropeway will be stated which will take Rs 100 per person per sector. It’s very convenient and you can reach Bharaw Ghati within 3 mines. After taking Darshan there in the same way return back.

After darshan to come back by trekking is not so difficulty. Because it’s a downside slop. But you will take up to 4-5hrs if you are coming in normal way.

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